It is the policy of Jaca Construction and Management Corporation to strive in providing the highest safety standards across our project scope. It is a supreme responsibility at all levels of Jaca Construction Management Corporation to regard the safety and welfare of the public in general, and its own engineers, employees and our customers & clients in particular. We make a conscious effort to prevent accidents, injuries, property damage, fire spate and occupational illnesses .

Safety requires taking pro-active, careful attention by those who are directly and indirectly involved in Jaca Construction and Management Corporation operations.

A safe operation is organized, clean and efficient. All employees view accidents in the same way we consider all other aspects of our operations and seek to comply with internal regulations that control accidents and correspondingly improve total performance. Thus, it is of supreme importance that all aspects of our safety management systems be strictly imposed and complied with.

Our safety management system is developed to ensure all Jaca Construction and Management Corporation projects comply with the national and global standards.

It is the obligation of all employees of Jaca Construction and Management Corporation to be knowledgeable of standards established and to improved and implements the rules and regulations contained therein, on projects under his or her direction and supervision.